This Week's Games
Please note: game times highlighted in green are played at Orchard Hills Park

Sunday, July 27


Major Energy 16 Chefman 12 9:15
NJAIM 9 Newday 3 11:15
Bubba's 13 Merockdim 9 5:45pm
Evergreen 11 Westrock 2 6:00pm
Valuclean 6 Subaba 10 8:00pm
Monday, July 28


Chefman @ Rockland Window 8:00pm
Tuesday, July 29


Evergreen @ Bubba's 8:00pm
Thursday, July 30


NJAIM @ Westrock 8:00pm

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Sam Wainhaus (Commissioner)
Marvin Lesin (Commissioner)
Team Captains:
Bubba's Bagels: Yaakov Katsof
Camp Merockdim: Effy Weissmandl
Chefman: Ralph Newhouse
Evergreen Shalom Mintz
Major Energy: Michael Chasen
NJAIM: Jason Shatkin
Newday: Ezzy Katz
Rockland Window: Roni Abboudi
Subaba Yakov Kahana
ValuClean: Ushy Schwartz
Westrock: Steve Romer

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Steven Romer

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Weekly Preview - Sunday's Games



This week's games will be very telling. To date, four teams have qualified for the playoffs (NJAIM, Newday, Westrock and Bubba's) while six teams ( Subaba, ValuClean, Merockdim, Evergreen, Major Energy and Rockland Window Covering) are all in contention to grab the remaining four playoff spots. At this juncture, the magic number is "20". Any team that can achieve 20 points will qualify for the playoffs. There are three teams that can still achieve this: Subaba must win two out of their remaining four games while Evergreen has to win their remaining three games. Rockland Window can also make a run for playoff contention with 20 points if they  win three out of their remaining four games and at least tie their fourth game. However, waiting in the wings ready to pounce are the wild-card teams: Major Energy,ValuClean and Merockdim who are waiting to capitalize on any mistakes made by Subaba, Evergreen and Rockland Window.


The 11:15 AM game between 1st place NJAIM and 2nd place Newday will be very illuminating for both teams. If NJAIM easily wins, then the question remains if Newsday's success this season was simply based on a much easier regular season schedule compared to the top ranked teams who consistently battled against each other. If, however, Newday defeats first-place NJAIM, then this would be a horse of a different color reflecting the true depth of Newday and the vulnerability of NJAIM going into the postseason.


As of this writing, Major Energy defeated Chefman in the 9:15 AM Sunday game and are presently residing in sixth place and remain a wildcard selection. Rumor has it that the Campers are having a hard time fielding a team for the 5:45 PM game against Bubbas and may forfeit. But even if they pull together some semblance of a team, Bubbas is in a race with the Champs for securing third place and is looking to put Merockdim away quickly.


The 6 o'clock game matches 9th place Evergreen against the Champs (and then they go on to play Bubbas on Tuesday night). Both games will prove to be difficult competitions and should Evergreen not win one or both of these matches, they will find themselves surrounded by wild-card teams pushing and scratching to get a leg up in the rankings.


The final game for tonight is Valuclean vs. Subaba. As noted above, Subaba only requires two games out of their next four to qualify for the playoffs. Not so for seventh place Valuclean who must continue to win to get a leg up on the Campers and Major Energy in order to get a shot at the playoffs. Captian Ushy will be bringing his team out in full force with no holds barred, promising a passion that should ignite fireworks with every swing of the bat.


But in the meantime...Let's Play Ball!

Game Summary


Major Energy 16 Chefman 12



Major Energy defeated Chefman 16-12 in a game that Major Energy was comfortably ahead  throughout the game but Chefman kept on coming back and to their credit never gave up and really made it a ballgame. Leading Major Energy were Steven Kaner with 4 hits (Steve only plays when it's an elimination game), Dovid Eisenberger a booming homerun that even Chefman admired, Steve Romer, 4 hits, Charlie Kleiner 2 line drive hits and 2 walks, Davin Rosenblatt 2 hits and  David Landsman 2 hits. With one game to go, Major Energy with a win, will probably sneek into the playoffs but getting that win might be an adventure.


NJAIM 9 Chefman 3



Led my Noam Block, NJAIM clinched first place this morning with a big win vs. Newday.  Block went 3 for 4 with 4 runs scored and continues to be a menace to all who have to defend against him.  Yitz Greenbaum shut down a potent offense as he has done all season.  Its about team today and NJAIM should be proud of their accomplishment.  17 Wins is the most ever required to clinch first place and its no small feat.

The Docs take on Westrock in their final game Thursday before heading into what is sure to be a great playoff run.  As the immortal Moe Hans says “We haven’t accomplished anything yet.”


Bubba's 13 Merockdim 9



After finally breaking out of their June/July slump last week with a victory over Major Energy that kept Merockdim's playoff hopes alive, Bubba's came to play today, exploding for 5 runs in the first inning and never looking back. In a game in which rules were strictly enforced, the Bagel Boys demolished the as usual depleted Campers, completing a season sweep for the second straight season and moving closer to clinching the #3 seed. Merockdim valiantly mounted a comeback vs Bubba's 3rd string pitcher in the bottom of the 9th, plating 5 to bring the game within 4, but a routine flyout ended the game and all but eliminated the Dancing Campers from the playoffs. Merockdim needs to beat Major Energy in their finale next week and get some help from other teams ‎to sneak into the playoffs after a disappointing season, while Bubba's looks to pick up momentum vs an Evergreen team that helped both themselves and Bubba's with a blowout of Westrock tonight, before closing the season vs Westrock next week in a game that could very well decide the 3 seed.
Notable for Bubba's was Yitzy Rosen who had a big 2 RBI Triple to blow the game open and pitched 2 scoreless innings in relief, playing a perfect infield the rest of the game.


Evergreen 11 Westrock 2



Subaba 10 Valuclean 6



In a game of immense playoff proportions, Subaba and Valuclean faced off for the first and only (!) game this season. Former teammates David Samet and Azi Wolf formed the pitching matchup. Azi helped his own cause with an RBI single in the first to give Valuclean an early 1-0 lead, and he seemed determined to hold it up on his own, as he began his reign of terror - finishing with TEN strikeouts on the game. The Dry Cleaners added 4 more in the top of the third, and the way Azi was pitching, the game may as well have been over then.

But Subaba began to chip back. Nesanel Benjamin started it off in the bottom of the third with a single through the hole, followed by a double from recently red hot Jeremy Doberman. RBIs by Ari Weiss, Sruly Kirshblum (two, on a triple), Chaim Heinemann and Elie Mann tied up the score, and it was a brand new ballgame.
The pitchers settled down after that, Azi Wolf striking out four batters in a row at one point, with no change in scoring until the sixth. Chaim Heinemann split the Berens in the outfield with a line drive that went all the way to the wall, and Subaba took a 6-5 lead on the solo home run. In the top of the 8th, Valuclean managed to tie up the score on an extremely fishy play, and it went to the 9th for all the marbles.
David Samet shut down the Cleaners in the top of the frame, helped by Chaim Heinemann snagging a line drive somewhere between fair and foul territory. In the bottom, Sruly Kirshblum led off with a single. After Elie Mann was intentionally walked, Shloime Nemtzov came to the plate with the bases loaded. Despite starting off down 0-2, he fought off pitch after pitch before sending one deep into the muggy night, far over the right fielder's head. "Touch 'em all, Joe!" and Subaba won something to 6. The Burger Boys now clinch a playoff spot with three games to go, quite an accomplishment after last season's, uh, antics.
Game ball goes to Chaim Heinemann for an excellent game on both sides, with added mini balls to Shloime Nemtzov, David Samet and Sruly Kirshblum. Special thanks also goes to Mordechai Kahana, who sat this game out for once in a Blue Moon, for all of his contributions.


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