This Week's Games

Sunday, April 26


Rockland Window 2 Newday 6 9:15
NJAIM 26 Bagel D'Lox 2 11:15
Merockdim 4 Westrockv7 6:00pm
Bubba's 10 Ticket Pro 9 8:00pm


Monday, April  27


Bubba's @ Westrock 7:10pm
Ticket Pro @ Chefman 8:40pm


Tuesday, April 28


Rockland Window @ Merockdim 7:10pm
Newday @ Bagel D'Lox 8:40pm





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Sam Wainhaus (Commissioner)
Marvin Lesin (Commissioner)
Team Captains:
Bagel D'Lox: Eli Mann
Bubba's Bagels: Shalom Mintz
Camp Merockdim: Effy Weissmandl
Chefman: Ralph Newhouse
Newday: Ezzy Katz
NJAIM: Jason Shatkin
Rockland Window: Moshe Nussen
Ticket Professor: Yakov Kahana
Westrock: Steve Romer

Website Administrator:

Steven Romer

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Weekly Preview - Sunday's Games


RJSL 2015 week number “last week was week 2” begins with a Coffee Cup matchup between improved Rockland Window Covering (1-2) and a well-rested Newday (1-1), although it would be fun to see them overtired. RWC started off the season with a big win but has lost their last two games, and they will look to get back into the winning column versus a Newday team that has not played in almost two weeks. Though it may be tempting to overlook a bottom-tier team, Newday will have to stay focused on the game or they may find themselves covered by the Shades, especially in the 9:15 slot where anything can happen.


The second game of the morning features the return of the league’s not-so-subtle attempt at parity, as NJAIM (3-0) puts their undefeated season on the line against the new-look Bagel D’lox (2-1). Sunday mornings are always an adventure for NJAIM, as several of their top players are lost to other commitments such as the Teaneck league, work, or “camp meetings”. Whatever players Darth Jason can cobble together will face a Bagel /B squad that had surprised many with their strong start to the season. Life without injured starting pitcher Nesanel Moeller may be tough, but if there is any team that can totally block out what’s going on around them and pretty much forget there’s even a game going on, it’s Elie Mann and his band of questionably-clad players.


Sunday evening opens with a game between two well-established teams with some murky player overlap, as the rejuvenated Westrock (2-1) squares off against Merockdim (0-2), who is still trying to find its footing. The Appraisers strengthened themselves in the offseason by drinking the blood transfusion intended for the campers, and the results have showed as they are off to a very strong start despite playing (by far) the toughest competition of any team in the league. With three starting-caliber pitchers on the roster, you never know what aspect of the team is going to show up for any given game. Merockdim is used to that (sorry Mendy), but they have a strong three-headed arsenal of pitching to choose from themselves, and a well-played, tight game is expected.


The evening closes with a solid matchup. Ticket Professor (3-1), comprised of players from last year’s Bubba’s, Evergreen and Subaba, has hit the ground running to begin the season. Their next quest is Bubba’s (1-2-1), comprised of players from last year’s Bubba’s and Evergreen. Confused yet? The Bagel Boys are coming off a demoralizing tie last week which partially extinguished the excitement of their big win over Merockdim, and they look to get back in the win column against TP which is, of course, on a roll. Daniel Peikes and (possibly) Shragi Lazarus will each be looking to show their former teammates what they’re missing, and these two teams – who will get to know each other very well over the course of the regular season and very likely the playoffs – will begin to do battle in the fight for middle-division supremacy.



Game Summary


Rockland Window 2 Newday 6



NJAIM 26 Bagel D'Lox 2



Merockdim 4 Westrock 7



A fun game between old friends. Westrock took an early 1-0 lead at the top of the first inning but the campers fired back during the third inning with a 3-1 lead. Merockdim maintained that lead until the fifth inning when the former champs started their rally. By the time the dust settled, the appraisers had clinched the game 7-4. There were many exciting moments offensively for both teams with the campers firing off a number of solid hits, while Westrock took advantage of several two-out rallies. Neither of the campers starting pitchers were available tonight while Westrock's Schmuel Loebenberg gets the win.


Tomorrow night, Westrock faces Bubba's who made a tremendous come back tonight, defeating Ticket Prof. 10-9 in the last inning in a real nailbiter.


Bubba's 10 Ticket Professor 9



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