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Sunday, Sept. 14 (Championship)


Westrock 4 NJAIM 8 6:00 pm
Monday, Sept.15 (Championship)


Rain Date 8:00pm
Tuesday, Sept. 16 (Championship)


NJAIM 7 Westrock 5 8:00pm
Sunday, Sept. 21 (Championship)


Monday, Sept. 22 (Championship)


Rain Date 8:00pm

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Sam Wainhaus (Commissioner)
Marvin Lesin (Commissioner)
Team Captains:
Bubba's Bagels: Yaakov Katsof
Camp Merockdim: Effy Weissmandl
Chefman: Ralph Newhouse
Evergreen Shalom Mintz
Major Energy: Michael Chasen
NJAIM: Jason Shatkin
Newday: Ezzy Katz
Rockland Window: Roni Abboudi
Subaba Yakov Kahana
ValuClean: Ushy Schwartz
Westrock: Steve Romer

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Steven Romer

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Docs claim immortality with 7-5 win in 11 innings.

NJAIM and Westrock, two amazing teams battled leaving their hearts on the field for over 2 hours and 11 innings.  Neither team would be willing to concede this game.  The defending Champs showed they were hungry, striking first, in the bottom of the second inning with 2 runs.  They knew it wouldn’t be enough however as the allopaths struck back in the top of the third with a single by Benyamin Friedman (3 for 4 2 runs scored)  with a one out single to CF.  Jason Shatkin came through with a single sending Friedman to 3rd.  Then Jack Bodner would send home the first run of the night with a sac fly, scoring Doc Friedman from third.  It was not the last time Bodner would come through during the game.  Westrock was not to be denied however… With hitting Stars Steve Romer and Dovid Singer, they immediately struck back with 2 runs putting the score at 4-1.  With Lobenberg looking like the champion he is, it became quiet in the NJAIM dugout, indeed.

In the top of the fourth, Yitz Greenbaum singled to right field.  Shalom Schwartz followed with a ground ball to second base, that Greenbaum beat out.  Noam Block followed with a single bringing home Greenbaum.  Ari Shatkin followed with a ground ball to the usually  sure handed Yossi Ritterman but the ball went under the glove of Ritterman and into left field.  Schwartz tried scoring from second, but an amazing throw from Naftali Mark to Steve Romer nailed Schwartz at the plate, deflating the doctor’s sails.  Season MVP Elchanon Tenembaum followed with a sac fly brining home Block and sending Shatkin to third.  The docs would tack on 2 more on an error and the docs took the lead 5-4.  Suddenly all seemed right in their world and the smell of champagne was in the air, however only a fool would count out this amazing Westrock team, that followed with a run in the bottom of the fifth keeping the score at 5.  It would stay that way for a very long time, until the bottom of the 9th, when Westrock had a runner at third base with one out, and the heart of their lineup coming up to bat.  Not since Obama care were the docs so depressed…… Shalom Schwartz and Shatkin were hugging in the dugout as the impending doom filled Reisman stadium….. Fortunately  veteran Yitz Greenbaum stared that fear in the face and said…”Not tonight you don’t win”.  He induced a pop up, walked the dangerous Jeremy Nussbaum and when the ball left the bat of the dangerous Dovid Singer, all hearts were lifted when they realized the ball was headed to the sure handed Noam Block……They knew they would get out of it and the game would continue in extra innings.   It would stay there, with both teams trading innings like cards until the top of the 11th.  Avi Orlansky led off reaching  on an error…Doc Friedman followed with a double sending Orlansky to third.  Jason Shatkin was intentionally walked which brought tonight's hero, Jack Bodner to the plate.  They were praying for a sac fly but what they got instead was a base hit, scoring Friedman and Orlansky, giving the docs a 7-5 lead.

Westrock was not going to go down quietly.  Base hits by the dangerous Steve Romer put runners on first and second with one out.  The great and longtime Westrock Centerfielder Shumy Reichman was up….. as the ball left his bat and continued up the middle it was only a question of how many runs would score, but Meir Stimmel ran to his left, and dived like he always does…..picked up the ball…… touched second……and fired into the outstretched glove to his longtime teammate, captain and friend Jason Shatkin, who stretched all of his 5’8” frame  would allow, beating the fleet footed Reichman by a hair…… breaking the willful hearts of Westrock, while allowing the docs to celebrate with glee and joy……no shortage of hugging and pictures would follow as NJAIM entered in the elite class of RJSL immortality with a win that would be the hardest to come by this season, and the most satisfying by far……

Congratulations to Steve Romer, and the entire West Rock team, for being in the championships 5 years in a row and winning 3.  They fought a great battle and they left every ounce  of their hearts which are full and alive, if even for a short time broken, on the field where it belonged.   There should be only pride in their being because they are truly a great team.  Captain Steve will….be back in the championships next year, guaranteed.

And NJAIM crowded around the pitchers mound with hugs galore and emotion flying. And Commissionser Sam and Marve showed the trophy to them.  They said, This is a symbol of RJSL greatness.  Many have strived for it…..but tonight it only belongs to you….. They then presented the MVP for the post season to Meir Stimmel who, carried the team with his bat and uplifted them with his defense.

So NJAIM celebrated there, on the field of Reisman…. Their eyes had not dimmed and their vigor had not diminished through the entire wonderful year.  Never before in the RJSL has there been  a team that had the outstanding record of 24-2… In the immortal words of your captain…Jason Shatkin, who loves you with all of his heart…..”You are all, just amazing…and thank you for everything you have given to this team and to yourselves…… Our work is completed….……


2014 Championship Series

Round 1

8th Seed



Game 1: Monday August 18 @ 8:00 p.m.
NJAIM wins 10-2
Game 2: Monday August 25 @ 8:40 p.m.
NJAIM wins 18-0
Game 3: Tuesday August 26 @ 8:40 p.m.

  NJAIM Sweeps 1st Round


Major Energy



Game 1: Thursday August 14 @ 7:10 p.m.
Newday wins 4-3
Game 2: Sunday August 24 @ 6:00 p.m.
Major Energy wins 6-0
Game 3: Wednesday August 27 @ 8:00 p.m.
Major Energy wins 8-6

Major Energy Wins 1st Round





Game 1: Thursday August 14 @ 8:40 p.m.
Westrock wins 8-1
Game 2: Sunday August 24 @ 8:00 p.m.
wins 11-7
Game 3: Tuesday August 26 @ 8:40 p.m.
Westrock wins 8-0

  Westrock Wins 1st Round





Game 1: Sunday August 17 @ 8:00 p.m.
Bubba's wins 2-1
Game 2: Tuesday August 19 @ 8:00 p.m.
Bubba's wins 11-4
Game 3: Sunday August 24 @ 9:15 a.m.

Bubba's Sweeps 1st Round


Round 2







Game 1: Thursday August 28 @ 8:30 p.m.
Westrock wins 7-5

Game 2: Thursday September 4 @ 8:00 pm
Westrock wins 5-1

Game 3: Sunday September 7 @ 6:00 pm


 Westrock Sweeps Round 2




Major Energy


Game 1: Tuesday September 2 @ 8:40 pm
NJAIM wins 11-1

Game 2: Sunday September 7 @ 8:00 pm
NJAIM wins 13-5

Game 3: Monday September 8 @ 8:00 pm


NJAIM Sweeps 2nd Round


Championship Series









Game 1: Sunday September 14 @ 8:00 pm
NJAIM wins 8-4
Game 2: Tuesday September 16 @ 8:00 pm
NJAIM wins 7-5
Game 3: Sunday September 21 @ 8:00 pm

NJAIM Sweeps The Championship


Bubba's 2 Subaba 1

Lazarus pitched a 1-hitter, giving up zero earned runs on a night where both pitchers silenced the bats of their opponents.

Lazarus and Subaba hurler David Samet matched pitch for pitch as Subaba was rendered impotent through 4 innings, and Bubba's having their only real threat erased by a double play with one out and runners on the corners.

Subaba got on the board first, turning 3 consecutive ground balls to 3rd in the top of the fifth into a run and what this writer feels was an ill advised out at home plate, but Bubba's struck right back in the bottom frame, as the comedy of errors continued with a pop up that was allowed to fall for a single and yet another infield error.
Bubba's took the‎ lead for good after once again getting runners on the corners with the help of an errant throw from third base (which really seemed to be the cold corner tonight) followed by a bloop single to drive in the run.

Subaba threatened in the top of the 7th, with a deep fly ball out to left followed by a SC Top-Ten catch by Avi Sofer in right field seeming to all but seal the deal, but consecutive walks had Subaba's tying run on 2nd. Lazarus then induced a routine fly ball to end the game, as Bubba's breathed a collective sigh of relief and expressed their gratitude to Lazarus for taking the team on their shoulders and picking up their limp bats.

Subaba now has to win Tuesday to stay alive, while Bubba's looks to finally get things going in anticipation of a series vs conglomerate NJAIM with a victory Tuesday and everything else going as expected.


Elchanan Tenembaum leads NJAIMto 10-2 win over Rockland Window Covering

Elchanan Tenembaum clubbed two home runs to carry NJAIM to a 10-2 win over Rockland Window Covering in seven innings.

Seven runs in the opening three innings allowed NJAIM to easily put away Rockland Window Covering. A three-run home run by Tenembaum during the first inning and an RBI single by Yaakov Bodner, , and an RBI single byNoam Block in the second inning helped NJAIM put some runs on the board early.

NJAIM hit three home runs in the win. Additional home runs for NJAIM came when Tenembaum homered in the first and third innings and Moshe Hans homered in the sixth inning.

NJAIM got one-run rallies in the third inning and the Sixth. In the third, NJAIM scored on a solo home run by Tenembaum.

NJAIM quickly matched Rockland Window Covering's strong inning with a two-run inning of its own in the fifth. NJAIM scored on An RBI single by Meir Stimmel and a sacrifice fly by Tenembaum.


Bubba's 11 Subaba 4

After an emotionally draining hard fought game Sunday night, brother faced brother in the second game of the first round playoffs last night with the stakes being particularly high for Subaba. Both pitchers started the game off hot, with Nesanel Moeller recording 3 strike outs for Bubba's in the first 3 innings, and David Samet inducing multiple ground balls, but after a couple of errors let Bubba's jump out to a 2 run lead. The left for dead Bubba's bats woke up, sparked by Yitzy Rosen's brief appearance (or the lack thereof) at the plate resulting in a booming triple in the LCF gap, and Bubba's took a 4-0 lead. More hits by Captain Katsoff and Rosen extended the lead to 8-0 in the 4th before Subaba came alive, with consecutive hits by Chaim Heinemann and David Samet culminating in 3 runs, cutting the lead to 5. Bubba's didn't stop there, plating another 3 runs with help from Yitzy Rosen's still free swinging stick (he would finish 3/3 on the night, and left with strict instructions regarding future wardrobe requirements). David Samet helped his own cause with a triple to right in the bottom of the 7th, coming around to score on the next batter, but it was too little too late as Bubba's completed the sweep and moved on to the next round.
Kudos to Kaption Kugelfresser, who led this team from the cellar of the league last year to 5th place this year, and really got the most out of this Subaba team missing 2 of their top hitters in this series due to injury. In the mind of this writer, he deserves serious Manager of the Year considerations, having not been helped with reinforcements during the season.
Bubba's will now await the results of the other 3 series to see who they will play, with even money being on a highly anticipated matchup with NJAIM although a Major Energy or Evergreen upset would change things.

Major Energy 6 Newday 0

Major Energy came out with a burst of energy tonight as Doni Katz blasted a home run to deep center to start off the bottom of the 1st inning.Jeff Astor added a hit and a big sacrifice fly,Mike Chasen had 2 hits, David Stimmel with a sacrifice fly, Avi Schwebel and Victor Fein with big hits to keep rallies going and Charlie Kleiner with a big infield hit to knock in a run. With a 4-0 lead after 2 innings, Major Energy relied on the Rabbi to lead them them home and that he did. I don't think a runner advanced to 3rd base all game long for Newday. A special mention to Aryeh Rudman who just got called up to the show and displayed spectacular defense as he started 2 double plays and  displayed his base running skills. So with the series tied, Wednesday will be the 3rd and deciding game to see which team advances to the semi-finals. It has been a very well played series and I'm sure the 3rd game will be a nail biter. Get your seats now as I heard there will be standing room only.


Major Energy 8 Newday 6

In the rubber game of the series, Major Energy squeaked out a win that looked like it was going to be a cakewalk for ME as they built up an 8-2 lead after 6 innings. Then everything started to go Newday's way, with hit after hit and a couple of errors by ME and all of a sudden Newday had the bases loaded, down by 3 runs and after a run scored Ezzy Katz lined a bullet up the middle that Vic Fein snared for the last out and secured a spot in the semi finals against NJAIM. ME was led by the superb pitching of Vic Fein (after Rabbi Runman was struck by a line drive pitching batting practice and all reports have him being ok). Me was led by the pitching of Vic Fein who looked like he hasn't missed a beat, the hitting of Doni Katz, 3hits and a booming triple, Avi Blumenfeld a double and a triple and a sac fly, a triple by Aryeh Rudman, 3 hits by Jeff Astor a hit by Davin Rosenblatt and the fielding play of the year by David Stimmel, who probably saved the game with a diving stop and a throw home to nail a runner trying to score. Next up is NJAIM and it will take a Buster Douglas type punch to win the next round. If I know Jason, he won't let any of his players sip the Kool Aid given to him by Major Energy. There are rumors out there that Major Energy is offering fully paid vacations for all players of NJAIM next week.

Docs drain Energy 11-1

Major Energy scored a run on 3 hits in the first inning and would have been more, but with 2 out Jack Bodner nailed a runner at the plate throwing a strike from right center field to Stephan Gruenbaum which would be the closest Major Energy would get to Home plate for the rest of the game. The docs followed the first inning with a hitting barrage.  The nemesis Noam Block was literally an Energy draining virus, going 3 for 3, including a leadoff single in the first. Meir Stimmel then followed with a blast into the night sky for a HR giving the docs the lead and they would never look back.  Still in the first, with nobody on, and 1 out, a controversial intentional walk to slugger Elchanon Tenembaum allowed Moe Hans to follow with a single putting runners at the corners.  Benyamin Friedman then followed with a Sac fly scoring Tenembaum and giving Yitz Greenbaum all he would need for this game.  Stimmel went 2 for 3 with 3 RBI’s stole hits tonight with his glove, breaking the hearts if not the will of Michael Chasen and Major Energy. Other standouts tonight include Avi Orlansky having a bust out game going 3 for 3 and hitting like his early season form.  Ari Shatkin had 2 singles and 2 RBI’s while playing a great third base.   Game 2 will be Sunday night, with the Docs looking to go to the championships with a big win.  In the words of the immortal Yanni Serfati, “We haven’t accomplished anything yet."

Major Energy falls 13-5 at the hands of NJAIM

NJAIM beat Major Energy on Sunday 13-5 in seven innings.  In what was a fairly sloppy played game NJAIM behind the bats of Dov Glickman (3 for 4), Jack Bodner (2 big hits), and the pitching of ACE Yitz Greenbaum, brought the docs to the final round and simultaneously breaking the hearts of Major Energy

Congratulations to Michael Chasen, Vic Fein, Rabbi Rudman, Jeff Astor and the rest of Major Energy on an outstanding job as usual, brinigng their team to the final 4, and within arms length of yet another Championship round.

Congratulations to NJAIM, who advance to the finals to face Steve Romer and the mighty Westrock Champions.  This will be the 4th year in a row many of these players are facing each other in the championships.    Shatkin and Romer are synonymous with Ali and Frazier….. Yankees and Dodgers….. These 2 great teams will challenge each other again, for 9 rounds a night in a best of 3 series which beginSunday night.    

If the docs want to achieve immortality they will have to play better than the sloppy brand of baseball that led them to a 22-2 record this season 

In the immortal words of the great Avi Katz….I dare you to walk my slugger this time.

NJAIM defeats Westrock 8-4

Meir Stimmel drove in three runs, helping NJAIM to an 8-4 victory over Westrock on Sunday.

He tripled in the first inning and singled in the fourth inning.

The game's last lead went to NJAIM thanks to a first inning rally that saw two runs cross the plate on a sacrifice fly by Elchanan Tenembaum and an RBI triple by Stimmel.

NJAIM got three-run rallies in the fourth inning and the Fifth. In the fourth, NJAIM scored on a two-run single by Stimmel, scoring Noam Block and Ari Shatkin.

NJAIM piled on three more runs in the bottom of the fifth. A error scored Avi Orlansky to get NJAIM on the board in the inning.

Meir Stimmel was absolutely insane in the field tonight, making diving catches and turning double plays. 

Not even Obamacare getting repealed would make the docs happier than they would if they can put it away Tuesday night.  As the immortal Avi Katz says “you haven’t accomplished anything yet”






Steve Romer
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