Sam Wainhaus
Commissioner Sam Wainhaus is by profession a scientist who works in the biotechnology industry. He is one of the owners of the RJSL as well as the owner of Ticket Professor, a provider of discount sports and entertainment tickets. 

The Commish Speaks
Thursday, June 1, 2009

The Rockland Jewish Softball League (RJSL) was created with specific philosophical undertones that are manifested in the myriad rules that exist governing play. These include length of games, use of pinch runners, davening prior to games, base running and base blocking, and all of the other written and unwritten rules that you have all come to love and/or hate. My intention here is to communicate the fact that these rules are well thought out and are usually the end result of years of experience. They are not arbitrary flights of fancy from Sam and Marv. A few, or possibly, many of you may disagree with some of these rules and in some cases, are diametrically opposed to them. We believe that the majority of this sentiment stems from an inherent lack of understanding regarding the source of these rules. Therefore, we will attempt to clarify all of the rules and regulations that govern the RJSL on a weekly or bi-monthly schedule. We will include the vast amount of complaints received over the years for each of these rules so that you may use them as a reference point before complaining. The purpose of this blog is for each player to understand the origin of the rules and regulations. Although you may still disagree with the philosophy and /or logic, you may decide for yourself whether to yield to the rules or play somewhere else if you find them to be too much to bear.

It is our hope that once you read through the significance of each and every rule, you will come to the same conclusion that we have reached. For those of you who are born to argue, we will simply refer you to the appropriate BLOG. If you are that disenchanted with a particular rule, then you will read up on it and either agree with our conclusion or understand our approach, albeit with disagreement. Either way, it will save us lots of time repeating the same thing over and over again.

Sam Wainhaus